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The Yantraz STEM Journal is a place where one can learn from or publish articles in the fields of Science, Tech, Engineering, Math, Computer Science and Data Science. Navigate to our Journal page to learn more. If you would like to become an author, please contact us at (published@yantraz.com).

Yantraz STEM Journal

Whether you just want to learn, or you want to publish articles of your own, the Yantraz STEM Journal is the place for you!


Videos are always a fun way to learn. This self paced method of learning can turn you into a trivia king!

SciBowl/Scioly Tools

Our SciBowl and Scioly tools can help you become a master of your field. There are specific tools meant to aid participants all the way from just getting started to becoming a master.


After spending a whole day working, games are a great way to relax. Navigate to our games page to have some fun!

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